With a heritage in performance automotive dating back to the sixties, it became the cornerstone for KTC Media Group. The same attention to detail KTC has provided to the automotive industry has attracted clients in other fields ranging from health care, technology, aerospace, industrial and consumer goods. To find out how KTC can benefit your companies advertising efforts, give us a call today. (714) 378-1660

AEM Performance Ads

AEM’s engine control units, gauges and air fuel monitoring equipment are the focus points of this creative.

BorgWarner Ad Campaign

Having developed the world’s most advanced turbocharger, it’s only appropriate to spread the news to as many people as possible.

CP Carrillo Ad Campaign

CP Carrillo’s precision components give them a commanding presence in high performance auto, marine and off road markets.

Driveshaft Shop Ad Campaign

The addition of carbon fiber to Driveshaft Shop’s product line has created a positive response within the domestic and import performance markets, proving them a dominating force in the industry.

HAWK Advertising Campaign

Get the jump on your competition with a season long advertising campaign designed to sell your product to a targeted market.

Turbonetics Advertising Campaign

Full page color advertisement featuring Turbonetics' turbocharger for the emerging market of unmanned aircraft.